LCHMN Off the Wall X NLC Tom Tom

Deceased May 2013

Kelsa was purchased in 2001 from Leachman Cattle Co in Montana.  She was one of the picks from the Nelson Livestock Herd and has easily became one of the most influential females for us.  In 2012 we decided to flush Kelsa, mating to Power Drive, Hooks Shear Force and 680S.  Ten embryos were implanted spring 2013 and I am pleased to have 8 Kelsa calves this 2014 calving season,  5 bulls and 3 heifer calves.   Two of these are full siblings to KRSS Blk Lush the only black daughter we have from Kelsa.  These genetics are unique and rare to find, we lost Kelsa unexpectedly and all three bulls we flushed to are deceased with limited semen.  If you are interested in bull calves from Kelsa for Spring 2015 please contact me.






KRSS Scarlet


KRSS Blk Lush



Kelsa X CNS Dream On